Tips for Success at School

  • Make sure you are getting at least 10-11 hours of sleep
  • Reduce the time you spend in front of a screen (computer, tablet, television, gaming system)
  • Your bedtime routine includes reading or being read to for at least 15 minutes
  • Eat nutritious food for breakfast
  • Pack nutritious food for your recess snack and lunch--avoid sugary snacks
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Never give up; do your best!
  • Treat others the way you want to be treated
  • When you have conflict on the playground, use your WITS
    • Walk away
    • Ignore
    • Talk it out
    • Seek help
  • When someone is not kind to you, use your BEST strategy
    • Blank (face and voice)
    • Eye contact
    • Silence
    • Tell them what you want
    • If they continue to bother you get help from an adult
  • Get outside and play, play, play!!
  • Make our school a better place by filling someone's bucket

Information & Announcements

Operation Playground

The Robertson Elementary PAC now has an account at the Chilliwack Bottle Depot, located at #2-45934 Tretheway Avenue.
When you return your bottles and cans, you can let the staff know you are donating to the Robertson Elementary PAC or donating to Account #451.
Thank you for your continued support!

Spring Break

Out last day of school before Spring Break is Friday, March 13th. School will be closed for Spring Break from Saturday, March 16th to Sunday, March 31st.
School will reopen for regular hours on April 1st.