Robertson Elementary “SOAR to Success”

EBS & Code of Conduct

Robertson Elementary School is a community of learners valuing and respecting individual excellence, academic achievement, and responsible citizenship.  The Robertson Elementary School Code of Conduct and its' related policy and procedures is included in the attachments in order to share with all members of the school community the importance we place on being a safe and caring school with a positive, inclusive school climate.

The Robertson’s code of conduct is actively discussed with students, promoted in all school contexts, and is reinforced through a fair, consistent and clear system of intervention and support. 

Code of Conduct



As a learning community at Robertson Elementary, we provide a nurturing environment for students to achieve high standards and to become respectful, responsible, cooperative members of society.  Our Code of Conduct takes into account the rights, freedoms and responsibilities of both individuals and the school community and clarifies behavior expectations that are acceptable and unacceptable. 

The Code of Conduct is established to maintain a safe, caring and orderly environment for purposeful learning for all students. Students are responsible for respecting the rights and dignity of others in a learning environment free from discrimination as set out in the B.C. Human Rights’ Code.

Conduct Expectations

Our Code of Conduct is designed to teach children to make choices with a focus on:

  • Self -discipline and contributing to a safe, caring and Orderly school community;
  • Demonstrating positive Attitudes towards learning, self and others and putting forth their best efforts to engage in purposeful learning;
  • Respecting self, others and the environment;

It is understood that as students become older and more mature, expectations of increasing responsibility and self-discipline will be evident.  This may lead to increasing consequences for inappropriate behaviour.

Expectations of Conduct

Expectations apply to behavior at school, during school organized or sponsored activities, and behavior beyond these times (including on-line bullying that negatively impacts the safe, orderly environment of the school and/or student learning.

Acceptable Conduct

While going to and from the school and while attending any school function students are expected to:

  • Respect self and the rights of others;
  • Respect the property of others and the school;
  • Attend school regularly and punctually;
  • Inform an adult of any unsafe behavior;
  • Work diligently and to the best of their ability; and
  • Abide by school rules and expectations

Unacceptable Conduct

Behaviors and acts that interfere with the learning of others, with an orderly environment or create unsafe conditions are considered unacceptable. 

All behaviors are not listed in the Code, but those cited are examples.

Examples of unacceptable conduct:

*  Vandalism                            *  Theft

*  Weapons                             *  Insolence/defiance

*  Illegal substances                *  Harassment/racism

*  Lying/cheating                     *  Violence

*  Intimidation                          *  Threatening behaviour

*  Bullying (verbal/physical/online or cyber bullying)


Discrimination of the following will not be tolerated:

*  Race                                    *  Religion

*  Colour                                  *  Marital status

*  Ancestry                               *  Family status

*  Age                                      *  Physical/Mental disability

*  Place of origin                      *  Sex

*  Gender identity/expression  *  Sexual orientation


When a student chooses actions detrimental to him/herself or the school community, they will face a series of consequences.  The severity of the incident, the frequency, the age and maturity of the students are all taken into consideration when unacceptable conduct occurs.

Responses to unacceptable behaviors are consistent and fair.  Considerations may apply to students with a disability of an intellectual, physical, sensory, emotional or behavioral nature when determining appropriate disciplinary action.

Disciplinary action, whenever possible, is preventative and restorative, rather than merely punitive.  As often as possible, students are encouraged to participate in the development of meaningful consequences using:

  • Problem solving assignments
  • Restorative circles
  • Contracts/school or public service
  • Counseling
  • Suspension (in school/out of school)

Notification and Communication

At Robertson Elementary, we share a responsibility to protect every teacher’s right to teach and every student’s right to learn. 

The classroom teacher handles most issues arising from classroom behaviour.  Issues are referred to the Principal if they are major offences or chronic behaviour problems.

In the event that there is a concern for the safety of students or staff, school personnel have a responsibility to inform other parties of a serious breach of conduct. (Eg.  Parents, school district officials, police and/or other agencies)

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