Robertson Elementary is considered a walking school and as such, our school parking lot was not designed for the volume of traffic that we see on a daily basis during peak drop off and pick up times.  Therefore, as a community, we need to work together to minimize the congestion and traffic volume, which creates unsafe conditions for our students and school community.  

As the safety of our students and your child (ren) is of paramount importance to all of us, we ask for the cooperation of all of our parents who choose to drive their child to school.

All drivers are asked to be mindful of the following reminders and requests.

  • Please remember to slow down in the parking lot, and adhere to the 30 km/hr speed in the school zone and under 10kms/hr in the school parking lot;
  • Please refrain from parking or dropping off in the thru lane.  We ask that parents park on the street directly in front of the school, or in the designated stall parking spaces in front of the gym.  When one vehicle “drops off” in the thru lane it causes congestion and a traffic jam;
  • The lane marked “drop off” is simply a “Drop and Go” lane.  If you intend to park, wait or leave your vehicle, please park in a designated parking area or on the street - with the vehicle parked in the direction of the flow of traffic.  When one vehicle “parks” or waits in the drop off lane, it tends to have a domino effect and then very quickly congestion builds and traffic flow is effected and unsafe conditions are created for our students.
  • Please do not park or drop off on the crosswalk in the school parking lot;
  • Please turn off your vehicle when parked or waiting. The Chilliwack School District has an anti-idling policy. 
  • If walking a dog to school, please ensure your dog is on a leash and under control. As a dog owner, you are assuming a potential level of risk in bringing your dog to school given the high activity of children, the number of children and other dogs in close proximity.  We ask that all dog owners please be mindful of the potential risks and we thank you for your cooperation in helping us ensure that our school is a safe and welcoming place for all.
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