Parking Lot Information


Parking Lot

As we are considered a walking school, space is very limited in our parking lot. We continue to have a large number of students who are driven to school, which therefore creates congestion in the parking lot. Congestion creates unsafe conditions for our students.

We ask for the support of all of our parents/guardians, in order to maintain safety.

Please be mindful of the following:

• Traffic flow around Southlands Crescent is one-way during school hours (I have attached a Map)

• BC is an idle-free zone

• No parking in either lane in front of the school; these are for quick drop-offs and pick-ups only

• Slow down to 10 km/h

• Use the designated crosswalk, rather than darting between parked vehicles

• Adhere to the posted signs identifying “entrance only” and “exit only”

• In order to avoid congestion and unsafe conditions in our parking lot, vehicles need to park in stalls or on the street in front of the school.

School has supervision starting at 8:10 AM and until 2:35 PM every day so you might want to stagger your drop off and pick up times.