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How to Reduce the Stress of Home Learning on Everyone

This unprecedented time was unexpected.  Nobody signed up for this, and as a parent you are trying to make a living under these new circumstances.  Then home learning arrived, and you are having to monitor some semblance of routine and normalcy to your child’s development.  Chances are your child may have some BIG thoughts and feelings about this.  This article gives some handy tips for supporting your child while maintaining your sanity!  Click here to read more.

I can control/can't control

Kids’ feelings and reactions to things during the prolonged closure of school as they knew it may widely go back and forth through a range of emotions, from upset to joy; from anger to disappointment and sadness.  There are no wrong feelings and this is normal for what they are experiencing.  We can help by framing this in a supportive conversation when we know they are calm and able to listen by sharing in terms of “Things I Can Control vs. Things I Can’t Control”.  Giving examples to how you as the adult feel these feelings and using examples from the Control Wheel can open up the conversation.  See if they can give further examples of what they can control and what they can’t control. I cannot control diagram