Inclement Weather Guidelines

Posted on: October 14th, 2016

Updated: October 2016

Inclement weather conditions such as freezing rain, significant snowfall or high wind can occur during the fall and winter months. In such conditions, decisions on the opening or closure of school district facilities are made by the Superintendent of Schools in consultation with management and supervisory staff who have checked first-hand on the driving conditions and general condition of buildings.

While service to students and parents is a priority and schools will be kept open as much as is reasonably possible, student and staff safety is the primary consideration.In the event of extreme weather conditions, parents are urged to check the School District website or tune into radio stations STAR FM (98.3 FM), THE DRIVE (89.5FM), to receive up-to-date information on school closures and information on the buses.

Reports will start after 6:00 a.m. and will be repeated often. The information broadcast is directly from the School District. The reports are confirmed and there is no need to call your school, the School District Office or the radio station. Students will be marked absent for the day, but such an absence will not affect a perfect attendance record.

In the event that there is inclement weather but the school remains open, it is the parent’s decision, based on their assessment of the relative safety of travel conditions, as to whether or not their children attend school.


With the cold weather forecasted for the next couple weeks, please ensure your child comes to school dressed for the winter weather outside, including a warm jacket, mittens/gloves, scarf, toque/ear muffs and appropriate shoes and socks. As there are many positive learning results when children have the opportunity to run, play and get fresh air; students will be going outside when there is light rain, light snow or colder weather. - Thank You Robertson Admin